Five Fantastic Ways To Get Through Summer On A Budget

The summer season is on, and it's the perfect time to meet up with friends and family, have some fun and enjoy the sun. Of course, this does not come without a cost, with us all feeling the pinch, it's important to stick to a budget you can manage. 

Enjoy Your Summer

Here are five wonderful ways to enjoy your summer without spendin...

Four Ways to Improve Your Bad Credit Woes

Having a bad personal credit rating can place a lot of strain on both individuals and families, and it can be very stressful and disheartening knowing that you may not meet all the lending criteria when applying for loans due to prior defaults or arrears. The good news is that it is possible to improve your credit rating. Here are our top four t...

Types of Loans and the Differences Between Them

In the modern days of the 21st Century, money is a financial burden on many families here in the UK, however there are now more loans than ever available to help alleviate your financial troubles. Here's a breakdown of the types of loans available. 

Personal Loans:

Personal loans are unsecured loans that people can use for an exten...

5 Ways to Keep Your Credit Score in Good Shape

Credit rating and credit scores – thinking about your finances can sometimes seem like one confusing nightmare! We all know our credit rating is important but many of us aren't really sure what it is and what we can do to ensure our credit score is as healthy as possible.

1. Understanding Your Credit Score

The mor...

Short Term Loans - 5 Things You Need to Ask Yourself

Regardless of how well you budget each month and how good you are at keeping track of your money, sometimes the inevitable happens, problems occur and you need emergency funds. One way of getting hold of this extra cash is to take out a short term loan – but before you rush into it here are five things you should consider first: 

1. Why D...